• Vector Network Analyzer measuring PCB antennas

    Impedance measurements at your PCB

  • Vector Network Analyzer Graphs of parametric sweep

    Clear and Concise Graphics

  • Vector Network Analyzer on a workbench

    A VNA on every workbench

  • Graph of RMS-0740 antenna pattern

    Measure Antenna Patterns in minutes

Popular Products


MegiQ VNA0460e BG2 W120

Vector Network Analyzer
400MHz to 6GHz



RMS-0740 Radiation Measurement System 700MHz - 4GHz

Measure Antenna Radiation patterns and TRP
600MHz to 4GHz


BalCal kit

Balanced and UFL VNA Adapter and Calibration Kit

Balanced and UFL VNA Adapter and Calibration Kit


Professional and low cost RF tools for Wireless Development

MegiQ equipment have become the tools of choice for developing modern wireless products. We offer innovative and affordable RF measuring equipment that is being used to develop world class wireless devices. You’ll know exactly how your product performs.

Get a grip on your RF product

If you are developing wireless devices it is very important to measure and verify the performance. Poor integration can lead to long development times, certification problems and bad customer satisfaction in the field.

Integration of RF components can have many pitfalls. Tying together a module and an antenna often leads to poor results if you don't have the tools to verify that they are working correctly. Especially antennas need care and deliberation to get them to reach their specifications and expectations.

MegiQ creates the tools to measure the parameters and the overall performance of your wireless products:

Vector Network Analyzers

A VNA is used to measure impedances at the RF frequency of the components. This is necessary to tune and match these components for optimal performance.

Callibration kits

With a Cal Kit you can calibrate away the measuring cables and connectors so that the VNA can measure the impedance at the component or antenna on the PCB.

Educational kit

We created an experiments kit to help you get up to speed quickly with VNA measurements.

Radiation Measurement System

Our RMS measures the actual power that the device is radiating from the antenna. It is the true performance test of your wireless device. With a proper setup the measurement does not need an anechoic chamber to get accurate results.

Communication Technologies

Our tools cover the frequency range from 400MHz to 6GHz. They are made to work on a wide range of activities and technologies.

  • Antenna tuning
  • Matching circuits
  • Device characterisation
  • Transceiver chips
  • VNA calibration
  • Balanced measurements                  
  • Radiation Patterns
  • Total Radiated Power
  • etc
  • Bluetooth
  • Zigbee
  • Wifi
  • Cellular
  • LTE
  • GPS
  • WiMax
  • ISM
  • etc

Professional products

MegiQ products are created for professional product development and include session management and reporting tools.

The most useful tools are those that you can afford

In addition to the professional quality, our products are very affordable and will fit in small budgets.


Get started, get busy, get results. MegiQ will get you up to speed.


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