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UFL Balanced Calibration Kit

The Bal-Cal kit is a connectivity & calibration kit for VNA-measurements in sub-miniature RF-electronic circuits. 

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The MegiQ UFL-BAL-kit is a probing and calibration kit for the very small UFL-connectors and for balanced lines. It allows you to connect your VNA to very small circuits in a well behaved way.

The kit assumes your VNA have SMA-f connectors. In case f an VNA with N-type you can use N-to-SMA converters.

The kit comes in a handy accessories box and contains:

  • SMA-m/m adapters
  • SMA-UFL adapters
  • UFL/UFL cables
  • UFL-jacks (SMT for mounting on your target board)
  • SMA to Balanced Line probes
  • UFL to Balanced Line probes
  • Dual UFL to Differential probe
  • Blank pin headers for connecting balanced probe to your target board)
  • Balanced calibration tools (OSLT)
    (with 50, 100 and 200 ohm loads)
  • UFL calibration tools (OSLT)
  • User Manual


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