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Tutorial kit with thoroughly explained real life measurements.

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MegiQ RF-Sandbox, an Educational Board

The MegiQ RF-Sandbox is a tool with over 20 very educational RF-circuits, including an OSLT-calibration kit, passsive networks, diplexer, RF-amplifier, coupled antenna's and voltage/current controlled RF-circuits.
It is very educational to the New-Comer to Vector Network Analysis, and a nice playing field for the more seasoned RF-Engineer.

 - UFL connectors for very small size
   Get the idea to design-in those small and low-cost UFL-connectors.
   And be amazed how well they work and wil help you in optimizing
   your design!

 - OSLT-circuit:
   Use this part of the Sandbox to calibrate the VNA when
   using UFL cables.
   UFL might not be the 'high-end' choice, but whem it comes to
   small sized boards it turns out to be a very cost effective
   and usefull solution!

 - Passive RCL-circuits:
   Show you the patterns you get form various forms of simple
   RF-circuits you are likely to encounter in RF-designs,
   so getting aquainted with these measurements will
   speed up your design proces in an easy way.

 - Active RF-circuits and V/I controlled devices:
   To get more feeling for impedeances under changing
   bias conditions, like in/output impedance vs. supply
   voltage or atenuation vs. PIN-diode bias.

The MegiQ RF-Sandbox comes with two SMA-UFL convertors and UFL/UFL coaxial cables.
And more important, it comes with with a document leading you through all the experiments on the board, explaining the how-and-why of Vector Network Analysis.
Because we want to help you hitting the road with your VNA right away.

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