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VNA-0460, Full 2-port, 400-6000MHz Vector Network Analyser

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The VNA-0460 is full bi-directional 2-port USB driven Vector Network Analyser(VNA) including with it's frequency range (400-6000MHz) the most polular telecom bands, like GSM-LTE, Wifi, Dect, GPS, GSM, etc.

The unit comes with:

- PC-software, for controlling, saving data &set-ups, analysis, reporting, etc.

- USB-cable & Power Adapter.

- Suitcase with handy accessory box.

- Documentation on USB-stick

Because of the very small size of the unit, it is specially suited for the small micro-electronic circuits of today. Very handy in use, giving you results where far bulkier instruments cannot.

- optional: MegiQ VNA-Sandbox: a board with over 20 very educational
test-circuits with OSLT calibration tool and tutorial. Click here for our combination offer.

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