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VNA-0440e, Full Featured, 400-4000MHz Vector Network Analyser,  2 / 3 port

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The VNA-0440e is a USB-driven VNA and a superset of the VNA0440 including all its features, and offering some very interesting extra's, like:

- Extra Generator port, to measure 3-port systems like diplexers, splitters, etc

- Programmable and Software Controlled Bias Generator:
This can not only be used for biasing active elements, but also for characterising parametrics of e.g. complex impedance versus bias voltage (ampliefiers) or complex impedance and attenuation versus current (PIN-diodes)

- Internal Bias Tee's:
For coupling and decoupling the RF- and DC-path.
These internal Tee's are included in the calibration.

- Automated Bias Source Selector: Lets you control the bias current path by software fully automaticaly. This save a lot of time in case of complex measurement set-ups

- Extension connector: giving you extra control over the instrument

The unit comes with:

- PC-software, for controlling, saving data &set-ups, analysis, reporting, etc.

- USB-cable & Power Adapter.

- Suitcase with handy accessory box.

- Documentation on USB-stick

Because of the very small size of the unit, it is specially suited for the small micro-electronic circuits of today. Very handy in use, giving you results where far bulkier instruments cannot.

- optional: MegiQ VNA-Sandbox: a board with over 20 very educational
test-circuits with OSLT calibration tool and tutorial. Click here for our combination offer.

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