Corona update - In these days with many countries in lockdown and teleworking employees, MegiQ is operating as normally as possible. We have normal stock and are ready to ship globally. We are of course taking the necessary precautions to keep our people and our customers safe.
Some customers report that our compact and complete VNA kits are very portable and well suited for continuing their product development from home.

Professional and low cost RF tools for Wireless Development

MegiQ Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)

MegiQ RF Tools: Vector Network Analyzers & Antenna Measurement Systems

At MegiQ we have created a powerful toolset that provides everything needed to implement and verify wireless communication and IOT devices, especially the implementation of the antenna.

As many engineers consider antennas to be difficult, obscure, even magic, our job is to provide the tools to measure, verify and optimize the antenna’s performance.

This reduces the design into manageable tasks and helps to improve the quality of the whole application.

For antenna development you need two tools:

measures the feed impedance, the ‘inside’ of the antenna. This allows you to Tune and Match the antenna to the impedance of the driving circuit.

measures the actual radiated energy, the ‘outside’ of the antenna. This measures the Gain and the Total Radiated Power (TRP) or antenna efficiency. The Total Isotropic Sensitivity (TIS) can often also be derived from these measurements.

With these tools you have everything you need to measure and evaluate the design, from early prototyping to the production run, and prevent you from running into RF trouble when it's too late.

Having these tools readily available allows for short optimizing cycles. This enables you to create high performance Wireless Products that perform optimally in the field, providing the best customer satisfaction.

MegiQ tools and accessories cover frequency ranges up to 6GHz and are suitable for most wireless systems. Our tools are very affordable yet provide lab-grade precision and stability. They dramatically reduce the budget needed for wireless development.

What our customers say

"Today we have got already first results, and at the moment we're completely satisfied with the VNA"

Oleksandr Pavlenko, Protelus GmbH.

"The MegiQ VNA is very useful in our production to screen ceramic antennas for their frequency range"

Ivo Mols, Honeywell.

"It is very convenient to work with. I finished the project on 400-465 MHz and 915 MHz and it worked very well. The device paid for itself in a month work."

Dr. Siavash Sheikh Zeinoddin, Calgary University.

"I discovered MegiQ VNAs and it was exactly what we needed."

Professor Luis Ángel Tejedor, Complutense University, Madrid.

"I am very satisfied with the performance of the VNA0440 with Sandbox, the nice and clear documentation. You can get started right away. And everything in a practical and sturdy case with all accessories. Congratulations."

Koen, Belgium.

"...These results demonstrate that MegiQ’s VNAs can deliver performance that is comparable to other VNAs on the market today. ... If you’re in the market for a VNA, don’t overlook MegiQ."

Microwave and RF Magazine

"Sorry to keep bothering you, but your VNA has really unlocked the RF design doors for me."

Lawrence Gorton, Gortronix, Las Vegas.

"I assembled the RMS and also installed the VNA. I am amazed how you guys designed all of it so thoughtfully and elegantly."

Professor Miroslav Joler, University of Rijeka, Croatia.

"The RMS gives us a real insight in the performance of our wireless devices and saves a lot of testing time"

Siebren de Vries, Chess Wise.

"Meanwhile I have shown the VNA-0440e to our RF class, and they like it a lot. We compared its measurements with the R&S and did not notice any differences."

Stefan, Dormakaba, Switzerland

"So far the measurements have been great and I’m really enjoying the simplicity of operation compared to the big R+S equipment!"

Dustin, Silver Bullit, CA

"I've read all your appnotes and I'm impressed by the practical approach."

Peter de Vroome, PNE Benelux

"This unit is great, really excited about the performance I am seeing...Great unit at a very reasonable price point."

Steven, WI

"Thank you, it all worked out! MegiQ rocks!!!"

Stefan Wyss, Dormakaba, Switserland

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