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MegiQ Customers

Our products are being used world-wide at universities, large and small companies for Research, Development, Production Testing and Education.

Here is a small selection of MegiQ customers:


  • Honeywell, The Netherlands
  • Honeywell, India
  • Philips Lighting, The Netherlands
  • Philips Lighting, MS, USA
  • Philips Innovation Services, The Netherlands
  • Philips Research, Shanghai, China
  • Intel, Germany
  • General Electric Health Care, USA
  • Nordic Semiconductor, Finland
  • TE Connectivity, UK
  • Antenova, Taiwan
  • Bosch Connected Devices, Germany
  • Bosch Hungary
  • Bosch Thermotechnik, Germany
  • Leica Camera, Germany
  • Crane Aerospace, USA
  • Goodridge Aerospace, Bengalore, India
  • SeongKyeong Photonics, Korea
  • Chess Wise, The Netherlands
  • Silicon Controls, Australia
  • Locate Solutions, Germany
  • Teufel, Germany
  • Cambridge Smart Solutions, UK
  • Trafficast, USA
  • Noda, Japan
  • Idosense, France
  • Arendi, Switzerland
  • Sarita Care Tech, Denmark
  • System Level Solutions, India
  • B2Cloud, Portugal
  • Synapse, WA, USA
  • Micronova, Italy
  • Telenor, Norway
  • Baluff, Switzerland
  • Telemetry Solutions, CA, USA
  • United Broadcasting, The Netherlands
  • Near Field Solution, UK
  • Med-El Electromedical, Austria
  • Keartech, Hong Kong
  • Schneider, IA, USA
  • Global Silicon, Hong Kong
  • Atlas Systems, Chili
  • Resonance Microwave Systems, Ontaria, Canada
  • Microwave Vision Group, France
  • Orbit Spectrum, Switzerland

Universities and Research

  • Indiana University, IN, USA
  • Virginia Tech, VA, USA
  • George Fox University, OR, USA
  • University of Calgary, Canada
  • Research Institute for Flexible Materials, UK
  • University College London, UK
  • University of Southampton, UK
  • ENSA University, Paris, France
  • INSA University, Rennes, France
  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
  • University of Zaragosa, Spain
  • University of Hong Kong
  • Nanjin University of science and technology, China
  • University of Rijeka, Croatia
  • University of Ankara, Turkey
  • Czech Technical University, Czech Republic
  • Ton Duc Thanh University, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Helmholtz Research Institute, Germany
  • University of Alicante, Spain
  • Aachen University, Germany
  • University Cote D'Azur, Nice, France
  • Technical University, Vienna, Austria
  • Andalas University, Padang, Indonesia
  • Technical University v Kosiciach, Slovenia
  • University Clermont Auvergne, France