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MegiQ has developed a new cabinet for their series of 4GHz and 6GHz VNAs

With their professional performance and affordable price, MegiQ VNAs are perfect for setting up microwave labs and training courses at universities. The Complutense University of Madrid has a good experience and is now expanding their capacity with more MegiQ equipment.


By Professor Luis Ángel Tejedor.

Get 3x more speed, calkit manager and more with the latest VNA software and firmware

Measuring radiation patterns from wireless designs with antennas normally requires a rack of test gear, but this system does the job in a moderate-sized room without an anechoic chamber.

This article discusses how the MegiQ RMS-0740 can be an asset in wireless development, without the hefty investment in an anechoic chamber.


Developing wireless products can have pitfalls if you don’t know what to look for. Antennas are not just components, they need to be implemented with attention to their application and environment. Not only should the antenna impedance be matched but also the radiation pattern should meet certain criteria.

New videos show antenna measurements with the MegiQ RMS-0740

These are some of the approaches to make sure that a wireless product works to full satisfaction.

New affordable 6GHz Vector Network Analyzer from MegiQ

Developers of wireless products that need to push to the higher communication bands now have access to an affordable VNA for operation up to 6GHz. The new MegiQ VNA-0460 VNA measures impedances and other S-parameters from 400MHz up to 6GHz.

For many Wireless Devices the Total Isotropic Sensitivity (TIS) can be derived from Total Radiated Power (TRP) together with the transceiver properties.

The MegiQ VNA software has a built-in match calculator. This function now allows for manual adjustment while the software shows the 10dB return loss bandwidth in realtime.

[press release]

MegiQ introduces a portable, compact Radiation Measurement System that allows wireless developers to measure (antenna) radiation patterns and TRP of their RF device from 700MHz to 4GHz.

[press release]

MegiQ introduces an Application Programming Interface (API) for their popular series of VNAs. With this API, programmers control the measuring process and data flow to integrate RF testing in production tests or specialized VNA measurements. This makes it possible to implement a very cost-effective solution to S-parameter verification in production testing.

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