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Wednesday, 14 September 2016 12:15

New videos: RMS-0740 measures antenna patterns

MegiQ RMS-0740 measures antenna patterns MegiQ RMS-0740 measures antenna patterns MegiQ

New videos show antenna measurements with the MegiQ RMS-0740

MegiQ has released three videos that show the operation of the RMS-0740 during antenna measurements. They give an overview of the RMS-0740 test system, the software operation and the setup of the different measurements. They also show some of the display options for different result formats.

The videos show the measurement of:

  1. Basic antenna pattern measurement
  2. Radiated harmonics level
  3. Wideband antenna frequency response and wideband radiation patterns

Watch the RMS-0740 videos on Youtube

The Radiation Measurement System (RMS-0740) is a unique turnkey system that will measure Radiation Patterns and Total Radiated Power (TRP) from 700MHz to 4GHz from a 3-axis rotation. While this is usually measured in an anechoic chamber to avoid reflections to affect the measurement, the RMS has a smart antenna design to reduce the sensitivity for reflections. This allows radiation measurements to be made in relatively small lab or office spaces.

Visit the RMS-0740 Product Page or view the RMS-0740 Product Sheet


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