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Sunday, 11 June 2017 12:51

New VNA Software and Firmware releases 1.7.1

Get 3x more speed, calkit manager and more with the latest VNA software and firmware


What’s new in VNA version 1.7.01 and Firmware version 1.7.01

New features

  • The measuring speed is improved by a factor 3
  • Measuring speed is now selectable as Fast / Medium / Slow
  • Support for Calibration Kit coefficients and S-parameter correction
  • Command line option to reset user configuration
  • More extensive Touchstone import and export support, also CSV format
  • Linear Gain graph
  • Deembedding of Through path
  • Return Loss graph can also show Phase / Group delay
  • Improved graphic representation of Match Circuit
  • Several small improvements and corrections, improved error handling

Match circuit representation

Some users were confused about the drawing of the calculated match circuits.


We have changed the representation slightly for clarity.

Port setup and Calibration kits

The VNA software now supports calibration kits and Port Connector types.


Session Data

The session and configuration data format has been upgraded to be more robust.

The latest version can read data from versions before 1.7.0, but it stores the data in a new format that can not be read with older versions. The software will warn the user if a older data is saved in the new format.

The old VNA software version can not read the new format. This software will give the error “Type Mismatch” when trying to read a new file. This error is invoked on purpose.

VNA Sandbox

For the VNA Sandbox, select ‘UFL-VSB’ connector and ‘Neutral’ gender. Since we are calibrating on the PCB and not on the connectors, do not select ‘UFL connectors’.


Download the latest software and firmware from our Download area.


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