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RMS-0640 / RMS-0660 Radiation Measurement System

 (formerly known as RMS-0740)

  • Measure antenna radiation patterns and TRP
  • Fits in lab or office space
  • No need for an anechoic chamber
  • Frequency range 600MHz to 4GHz or 6GHz
  • Base accuracy ±1dB
  • Repeatability ±0.5dB
  • Standard table rotates 7.5kg / 16.5lbs
  • Heavy duty table rotates 30kg / 66lbs
MegiQ Antenna Radiation Measurement System (RMS)
MegiQ Antenna Radiation Measurement System (RMS) MegiQ Antenna Radiation Measurement System (RMS) Application Software MegiQ Antenna Radiation Measurement System (RMS) HDTT


The Radiation Measurement System (RMS) is a unique turnkey system that measures Radiation Patterns and Total Radiated Power (TRP) through a 3-axis rotation.

The RMS is used for these measurements:

  • Radiated output power patterns of a wireless device
  • Harmonic radiation patterns (up to 4GHz or 6GHz) of wireless devices
  • Gain and radiation patterns of standalone antennas, using the generator option
  • Gain over frequency of antennas
  • Radiation patterns over frequency of antennas
  • Beamwidth and max gain of directional antennas, over frequency


While this is usually measured in an anechoic chamber to avoid reflections to affect the measurement, the RMS has a smart antenna design to reduce the sensitivity for reflections. This allows radiation measurements to be made in relatively small lab or office spaces.

An extensive evaluation at the Philips Innovations Services (PINS) anechoic labs has shown that in a normal environment the RMS can produce results that are comparable with anechoic measurements. The RMS system itself has an accuracy of ±1dB. In a reasonable space one can expect an extra uncertainty of 1dB. The repeatability of measurements is excellent at ±0.5dB.

Antenna Radiation Pattern of Emco 3115 Horn antenna


Key features

  • Turnkey system includes rotation table, measurement antenna and receiver and application software.
  • Dual polarization antenna and dual channel receiver, needs only one rotation per axis.
  • Measures 3-axis radiation patterns in minutes.
  • Measures Field Strength, EiRP, Antenna Gain, Total Radiated Power.
  • 3D representation of measurements.
  • Frequency range 600MHz – 4GHz / 6GHz.
  • Measures multiple frequencies at the same time.
  • Can generate a horizontal or vertical test signal.
  • Generator-port option allows closed loop measurement of an Antenna under test.
  • Real-time power and polarization indicator
  • No calibration necessary.
  • Lightweight and heavy duty table option.
  • Can be used in normal office space with moderate space requirements. No need for an anechoic chamber.
  • Compact and portable system.
  • Session manager for storing measurements and configurations.
  • Quality reporting.


RMS videos

These youtube videos show some of the possibilities of the RMS of measuring antennas, fields and harmonics.


Wideband Radiation Patterns

This set of Radiation Patterns of a Log Per antenna from 600MHz to 4GHz was measured in one rotation sequence:

Antenna Radiation Patterns of Hyperlog HL0740 antenna

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