For further information and resources we suggest these sites, but there are of course many more great places to find information about RF development and measurement techniques.

Wikipedia VNA page

Introduction to Vector Network Analysis.

Comparison of three VNAs

A review and comparison of the MegiQ VNA-0440, Rohde & Schwarz ZVL6 and MiniVNA.

Low cost do it yourself PCB antennas for Wireless IOT

Harald Naumann has written an excellent 'cookbook' on how to develop wireless -IOT- devices and antennas. This second edition is sponsored by Neocortec


This is free software to calculate higher order matching circuits for antennas. Simply export the measurements from our VNA software in TouchStone format and have Aytune calculate wideband matching circuits.

Antenna Theory

Extensive explanation of antenna types and theory.

Microwaves 101

Calculators, series about microwaves and antennas.

RF Cafe

A treasure of information, blogs, fora about RF and related technologies.


Another treasure of information on electronics in general. Search for VNA or related words.


A comprehensive listing of RF design, news, products, manufacturers and other information.

All about Circuits

This website has a all kind of information about circuits and design. This link leads you to the RF page.

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