Getting Started with VNAs

MegiQ Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) Measuring VNA-SandboxIf you are new to RF development, or if you think you need to be a magician to work with antennas, here is the tool for you!

We have created the VNA Sandbox, a place to grow up with RF and S-parameters.

The VNA Sandbox contains a UFL calibration kit and provides all kinds of circuits: 1-port impedances, 2-port networks, some antennas and several active circuits.

It comes with an extensive tutorial that explains how to measure and what you see on the screen.

Great for the novice, but also instructive for the more experienced engineer.

 Vector Network Analyzer Smith chart of LCR circuit

The VSB can be used with any VNA up to 6GHz. You can also order it as a kit with a MegiQ VNA to get started right away.

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