Measuring Small Antennas

Small antenna with big SMA connector Vector Network Analyzer measuring Small antenna with UFL connector

If you have a small PCB with a small antenna you can't use a thick cable and a large connector. Not only is this impractical (how to connect the connector?) but the metal bulk will also affect the antenna and grounding properties of your PCB. The measurement will be useless.

MegiQ promotes the use of the small and popular UFL connector and its associated cables. The UFL socket fits on almost any PCB and it can be improvised on a board without a UFL footprint.

We have created several UFL toolkits that include a calibration kit that matches several PCB stacks. You can also find several UFL application notes on our website.

Our VNAs are also small enough to fit on a lab bench near the device under test.

A great feature in our software is the 'point and match' procedure. You click on a point in the Smith chart and the software will propose several matching circuits. When you select one of them the software wil simulate this match in real-time. With proper calibration the match can be built and the results are often spot-on! Sometimes a small iteration is needed.

 VNA Antenna Matching Screen

Vector Network Analyzer Smith chart with Antenna impedance and Matched impedance

You can visit VNA Sandbox and Balanced Calibration kit for more information.


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