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Thursday, 12 July 2018 11:17

New videos: VNA Tutorial in 3 parts

MegiQ VNA tutorial videos MegiQ VNA tutorial videos MegiQ

MegiQ publishes VNA introduction tutorial video series


MegiQ has released a video introduction about VNA measurements. It gives an overview of basic VNA concepts, Calibration and actual measurements. The introduction is intended for those that want to get familiar with VNA measurements and their purpose.

The series is divided in three parts:

  1. Basic VNA concept and operation
  2. Calibration
  3. Measurement of 1-port and 2-port circuits, antenna matching, active circuits and parametric sweeps

Watch the VNA tutorial

MegiQ VNAs are the most compact, affordable pro-grade VNA in the market and are popular for wireless product development, component verification and production testing.

Visit the VNA-0460 Product Page or view the VNA Product Sheet