Get Your Hands Dirty with These VNA Tools

Get Your Hands Dirty with These VNA Tools

Microwave and RF magazine tested our VNA0460e with our VNA Sandbox and SMA calibration kit.

"Another company recently provided me with its own PC-controlled VNA as part of a demo kit. That company, MegiQ, is one that may be unfamiliar to some. However, MegiQ is a company that certainly deserves to be recognized among today’s VNA suppliers. This article presents a closer look at the company’s VNA capabilities based on my experience with the demo kit."

By Chris DeMartino.

...These results demonstrate that MegiQ’s VNAs can deliver performance that is comparable to other VNAs on the market today.

... In summary, MegiQ has proven that it offers quality VNA solutions at an affordable price. The company’s VNAs include some features—most notably the built-in bias generator—that are typically only found in more expensive high-end VNAs.

... If you’re in the market for a VNA, don’t overlook MegiQ.


Read the complete article here:

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MegiQ seminar at RF Technology Days 2018
MegiQ seminar on Antenna Development at Wireless C...

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Monday, 26 February 2024

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