New VNA Software and Firmware releases 1.9.001

New VNA Software and Firmware releases 1.9.001

Get 4x more speed, enhanced graphics and more with the latest VNA software and firmware


What’s new in VNA version 1.9.001 and Firmware version 1.9.001


New features

  • The measuring speed is improved by a factor 4
  • Enhanced graphs with selectable line width, marker font size and marker transparency
  • Robust software operation during sweeping
  • Robust USB connect and disconnect handling
  • Several small improvements and corrections

Measuring speed

The measuring speed has been improved by a new sampling scheme. At the highest speed the measuring times are:


Points     Freq Range            1-port     2-port

4000        400 – 6000 MHz     1000 ms  2000 ms

25            400 – 6000 MHz     21 ms      41 ms

25            400 – 500 MHz       17 ms      33 ms


The improved speed gives the VNA a real-time look and feel up to several hundred points sweep size. In addition this makes our VNAs attractive for high speed production testing.

Enhanced graphs

VNA Graph Parametric


The software now used GDI+ for enhanced features as anti-aliasing, line width, transparency and smoothing.

We added settings for line width, marker size and marker transparency for each screen representation and report output.

Robust software operation during sweeping

Some users were experiencing problems when changing sweep settings during sweep mode. This has been addressed and is correctly handled now.

Application software installation

Download SetupMiQVNA-1.9.001.exe from the MegiQ site.

Run SetupMiQVNA-1.9.001.exe.

It is not necessary to uninstall older versions.

Firmware update

Download the firmware file VNA-VF201-1.9.001.vfw from the MegiQ site.

Press the Options button and go to the VNA tab.

Press the Firmware button

Browse for the firmware file and press Send Firmware. The VNA will reboot after the upload is complete.




Download the latest software and firmware from our Download area.


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